A Coffee Table Book Project for Flight Attendants

Flight Attendant Love Stories



Of all the people in the world, flight attendants -- I get your lifestyle, your adventurous spirits and your desire to do things differently.

So as I was searching for a creative project to do during the 2020 economy shut-down, I was looking for a way to bring hope to all of us who have had our wings clipped. This book project is what I brainstormed in all of my down time - a book that will be published as a coffee table style book featuring 50 flight attendants love stories captured in epic landscapes in each of the 50 states across the U.S.


This is my "casting call" for flight attendants who want to consider having their unique love story featured in the book.  Additionally, I will be helping you with wardrobe and styling to make it an epic shoot in a cool location in your chosen state. Don't know of any epic locations in your state of choice? No worries, I will help you with that, as well!

These adventure photography sessions will take place starting in July 2020 and be finished preferably by mid 2021. You MUST be placed on my calendar ASAP so that I can work you in around regular clients during my wedding season.

***Please note: This project is not to include any elopements, intimate weddings, or destination weddings which involve a ton more planning. If you are interested in booking me for an elopement, wedding or destination wedding, please email me for my pricing brochure, and and let me know that you are a flight attendant, and I will offer a "FA" discount. I would LOVE to shoot your elopement, intimate wedding or destination wedding! Thanks for considering me!


My adventure sessions are fun, adventurous and filled with PDA (personal displays of affection) - because I’m celebrating your love story. I love to capture couples who have real and authentic chemistry with each other. I want to see the electricity with each other, feel the emotion and connection between the two of you, and capture exactly where you are in your love story. With this couples session, I want to leave you feeling more in love and connected with your partner than ever!


If you are interested in being a part, please click the link below to fill out the form.

Only 50 states, only 50 couples -- get on it and contact me today! Sherry



It's not just about the photography - it's about the adventure, and the experience featuring your love story!! All images below are of flight attendants and their partner! What's your vision?


Here's a full review from Jackie and Derek, the flight attendant couple I photographed in Arizona shown in the above photos:


Going in to the photo shoot, Jackie and I were definitely nervous. We had never had a professional photo shoot done before and there were so many questions on our minds. As soon as we met Sherry, our worries started to go away. She assured us that everything would fine, to just be ourselves and enjoy each other. We worried about feeling awkward or not being creative enough with the photos, but again, she assured us that it was going to be a fun and natural experience. We were fortunate enough to have some downtime before the photo shoot, and Sherry helped us to feel completely comfortable. She got to know us, our stories, how we interact together, and what we hoped to get out of the photo shoot.

Our photo shoot was just outside Phoenix, AZ. We weren’t sure how the desert environment would be, but we quickly saw the natural beauty as we got to our destination to begin shooting. Part of what we enjoyed most about the photo shoot was just exploring the area. Sherry directed us different areas that she thought would look good, and encouraged the interaction between us. She would make suggestions like “hold her hand as you walk” or “stop here and give her a twirl.” She helped foster that loving atmosphere between us, but allowed it to still feel natural. As we continued to shoot, our photos were filled with genuine smiles, laughs, and love. 

As we shot, Sherry would give us sneak looks at the unedited photos on the camera. We got a glimpse of her style, and it got us so excited for how the pictures were going to turn out. She had our trust, so when she told us to do crazy things like run down the middle of the empty road, we didn’t question her. The whole spontaneity of the shoot was one of the things we enjoyed most. Sherry kept us outside of our comfort zone, and made the day so fun and adventurous that we would forget we were even taking pictures half of the time. 

The outcome of the shoot was even better than we hoped. After wrapping up the shoot, we anxiously waited to see how it all turned out. When we finally got the email, we were blown away. Each photo was unique and beautifully edited. There were close up shots, mid-range shots, and shots where we were tiny figures against the beautiful landscapes. There were shots that were silly and laughing, and serious shots capturing intense love and emotions.  There was such a wide array of gorgeous photos, we couldn’t believe that we had gotten all of that out of just a few hours of shooting. 

Overall, Jackie and I loved our experience with Sherry. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to have pictures done, whether it is for an engagement, elopement, or just an adventurous trip. We had an amazing time exploring the area and bonding together, and now we have countless photos to look back and remember those moments. It was an experience that brought Jackie and I even closer together, and we have Sherry to thank for it. You won’t regret booking with her. Derek & Jackie