Marisa and Steven reached out to me looking for hiking engagement photography with waterfalls as a backdrop in the mountains of New Hampshire. 


There are so many amazing places to photograph adventure in New England and we tossed a few ideas around, but finally settled on Franconia Notch near Cannon Mountain. With research, we found there were 4 waterfalls within close proximity of each other. The fact that it was late summer, we were unsure if we would find much water coming off the falls at all, except what was predicted to fall from the sky that day. With watchful eyes, we met up in the parking lot and set off, ready to turn back if the clouds got too dark.


On my drive up, I noticed so many wild black-eyed susan flowers on the side of the highway, so I stopped, pulled them up by root, and presented them. Marisa and Steven were so laid back, and loved the idea of the flowers. Steven pulled out his knife to cut off the roots, and made a makeshift bouquet for Marisa.


Marisa is a flight attendant and also has her pilot license, with her eyes set on becoming a commercial pilot within a couple of years. I found out Steven was a nurse when I mentioned bringing the First Aid Kit. He laughed, and I suspect he was looking at what I was wearing in case he needed to use it for a tourniquet.


Marisa and Steven met online like most people do these days. They brought a couple of outfits to change into, and there were a lot of goofy moments, but lots of love going around the entire time. One thing I can say about photographing couples in love - I see the unbreakable connection they have with each other. It fuels me to keep photographing “love”, as “connection” is something quite unique to each couple. 


We hiked to all 4 waterfalls, and then continued on our hike without the camera to simply enjoy nature. Just as the treeline broke and we could see Cannon Mountain in the distance, we realized the sky was getting dark and scrambled down the mountain hoping not to get caught in the rain. The boulders we climbed up were a bit harder to climb down, and while it wasn’t a fast descent, thankfully, it didn’t start raining until we reached the parking lot. And then it poured!


I didn’t know Marisa beforehand, even though she is a flight attendant for the same airline, and in the same base. But now I can’t wait to see her in the lounge and relive the memories of their amazing engagement photo session. 

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