Our wedding day


I ALWAYS knew that I wanted to elope. I didn't want to do what EVERYONE else was doing. I also knew that I have too much wanderlust in my blood, and somehow, travel would need to be involved.


I envisioned an extended honeymoon in an amazing beach destination, where I could bring my friends along to play in the ocean, in the mountains, and in beautiful landscapes. I wanted to have FUN, I wanted the entire trip to be FONDLY REMEMBERED by my friends, to be beyond EPIC and WAY DIFFERENT than what other brides were doing. Above all, I wanted it to be DOCUMENTED by a photographer who "got" me. I had my vision, and there was no stopping me...

With 9 friends in tow, we planned a trip where they could all fly in on their own schedule, choose from a weeks itinerary of various adventures they wanted to be a part of, and a specific date for the "do-not-miss" beach ceremony. We cut our cake in our bathing suits on a catamaran, and spend all of our "reception" time in the Caribbean sea.  We hiked, we kayaked the bioluminescent waters at night, off-roaded in Jeeps, took in the local flavors, explored countless beaches and did yoga on the morning of our wedding day ...


We'd booked our photographer friend to join in the fun AND photograph all of our adventures over the course of 3 days. Not only did WE end up with beautiful photos, but our other friends received amazing vacation pics to commemorate their time with us. And when we look back at our images, we get that warm fuzzy feeling and want to do it all over again!

Wait -- don't I have a family, you ask? Absolutely, and I'll tell you how I managed to make THEM feel special, and never once did I invite any of them to St Croix. Yes, it is possible. You can elope without angering your whole family. You just have to go about it the right way, and I can show you how.


If you are beginning to envision your "dream" adventure elopement or intimate destination wedding, l can you pull it off, all while helping to make it magical and epic! Contact me today with your love story and your vision! What are you waiting for?



What Inspires Me

One of my first ever photography "gigs" was in 2004, photographing a televised adventure race in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. The race was called Subaru Primal Quest, San Juan Islands, one of the most difficult athletic events in the world and known as the most prestigious expedition event in North America.


As a photographer for the race, I had a lot of freedom to photograph these extreme adventure racers while wandering the backcountry, camping in the bed of a truck, and breathing in the fresh mountain air. I was hooked on the great outdoors!


As time went by, I solidly decided that my photography business must focus it on THE things that I am most passionate about: being in love, traveling the world, and enjoying amazing landscapes!


As an international flight attendant AND an adventure elopement and destination wedding photographer -- and being married the love of my life -- I've managed to stitch together all of my passions. I am one blessed girl!


I hope you will adventure with me somewhere epic in the world, with the person you love and share life with. I would love to photograph your love story in a "wildly different"
way than anyone else! It will be an experience and an adventure you will never forget!

This is Rija -
my other inspiration!
Rija before_cropped.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 4.36.25 PM.png

Rija had just been brought from a clinic to a children's home called Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou in Carrefour, Haiti. At 2 years old, he was extremely  malnourished, abandoned by his grandmother, and left without parents to care for him. He would cry all the time, his belly bulged unnaturally from being malnourished, but was so precious that I couldn't resist holding him tight, and taking pictures of him. Every time I did, he would flash this big handsome grin at the camera.


He fell asleep in my lap my first visit, followed me around, and was always latched on to me somehow - riding piggyback, or holding my finger, as he had to share my whole hand with the other children. 4 years later, he is full of life and still flashing that gorgeous smile for me. I have seen first-hand how far my love, visits and sponsorship has changed this child's life...

When you book a photo session with me, you are helping me financially provide for Rija. YOU are helping me fulfill my dream of making a better world for these children. I will donate a portion of every photo session booked to help Diakonos International, the organization that runs Kominote Ti Fanmi Nou! Thank you!

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Winston S. Churchill

"it's not often you meet people who care so much for strangers and children that they are willing to sacrifice in their own life to help children survive. Sherry is that person! I'm really grateful for Sherry's friendship. it's an honor to know someone as fearless and passionate as Sherry - and a blessing to call her friend. grateful for your work, your prayers and all you do for so many souls in need! you inspire me to be a better person! -Dondra

Want to know more about me?

I'm originally from Maine and still live in New England - Boston, Massachusetts


I have incredible wanderlust and love to explore all corners of our gorgeous world!


I have traveled to over 46 countries and I'm so excited to explore another corner with you, or to show you around some of my most favorite places in the world!

If a sign says "do not trespass" I assume there is adventure just waiting for me on the other side!

For 5 years, I trained other flight crew and airport management on the signs of human trafficking (happening in plain sight in the airport and on airplanes)

I have lived in Bolivia, S.America, Rome, Italy, San Diego, San Francisco and Ventura, California, Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY and Boston, MA

My wish: to speak Italian fluently one day; I am currently studying so that I can fly/work the route to Rome regularly!

I own a Jeep Wranger! LOVE IT!

I have the best jobs in the world - I am an international flight attendant and a professional photographer.

I thrive on photographing the unique connection between couples, especially the raw emotion that surrounds your wedding day.

My guilty pleasures are massages, eating sushi and traveling all of the time!

I work with orphans in Haiti. The founder of the orphanage is now one of my best friends and I have been sponsoring a couple of children regularly. I have been on the Board of Directors for 4 years and have seen a tremendous growth in the children's lives.

I thrive on change and love to challenge myself regularly.

If I go too long without traveling, I get mildly depressed

I love being in love with my husband. He has a thick Boston accent and I call him my "eye candy" for life :)  We have a pretty awesome love story - ask me for more details if you're interested!