Planning an adventure elopement


You've always wanted to elope! You can't be bothered with all the frivolous "stuff" you have to buy that just gets thrown away at a traditional wedding, a party you have to put on for everyone else, or being in the center of attention. You want to write your vows, but they are so personal and really not something you want to read in front of family.


But Vegas is a no-go. It doesn't jive with your personality and you want to marry with intention. So here you are, looking for a way to "elope" that is different. Does it exist? You keep hearing the term "adventure elopement" - but what does it mean exactly?


An adventure elopement is when a couple decides to forego a traditional wedding and instead, hold your ceremony in nature, surrounded by epic scenery. We believe that your wedding day should be an intentional celebration, joining a couple together in a way that is true to their personalities, relationship and journey.


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Sound like what you are looking for? Well, the fun part from here is that you get to write your own rules! Let's show you how to get started planning your unique wedding day by planning an adventure elopement...


An adventure elopement is a pure and authentic experience on your wedding day! Planning an adventure elopement can be as detailed or simple as you want. So where do you start? Start with dreaming it into existence! Dream big - it's your wedding day!

Budget: Your budget will determine what you will spend money on, and how much your adventure elopement will cost. Keep in mind, the traditional wedding average cost is $35,000. If you are willing to "go all out" on an adventure elopement, the sky is the limit! Dream big! But if you'd like to use that money for a house down payment instead, a limited budget will determine how you will plan your dream elopement


Choose a Date: Choosing a date may coincide with where you want to get married. If you are set on getting married in the desert, for instance, you may be wise to do it in spring when the cacti are blooming and it's not sweltering hot.


Location: List a few locations that are dear to you as a couple, or a destination that is on your bucket list. Could you picture yourself getting married there? Add to your list a couple of other options that speak to you and you will narrow them down organically


Adventure: What kind of adventurers are you?

*Perhaps you are avid hikers and know the perfect trail in the back country of Yosemite where you could tie the knot

*Perhaps you love Africa and want to get married amount the lion herds while glamping in a yurt

*Perhaps you've always wanted to get married on a beach - but not a tropical beach. You'd prefer the moodiness of one that boasts massive rocks in the landscape like Cannon Beach, Oregon

*Perhaps you live out of a retro van and you love being surrounded by cacti in the desert - it's likely that Joshua Tree has been calling your name!

*Perhaps you always wanted to elope to the Seychelles or the Maldives and want to extend your wedding into a honeymoon in an over-water bungalow

*Perhaps you've thought about getting married in Vegas, but would rather say your vows in the red rocks, vs on the Strip?


Travel & Logistics: Think about traveling to this location. Will it involve any type of transportation? Rental car, airplane? Now can you upgrade that transportation to make the experience even more epic?

4x4 Jeep, sporty convertible, helicopter, hydroplane or private jet; does travel planning scare you, or hold you back from doing something epic? we know the perfect travel agent concierge! ask us!


Legal arrangements and permits: if you want to get married in another country, chance are you will need to meet some legal requirements to get married and have the union be legit. Save yourself some stress by researching this info before you make a final decision on the location/destination. U.S. National Parks require a permit, but are very reasonable in price compared to paying for a venue.


Accommodations: Will you be camping, staying in a nearby city? Now how can you upgrade your accommodations? Glamping in a yurt instead of a tent, renting a gorgeous AirBNB with a fantastic view, staying in a penthouse overlooking the mountains, or splurging on a stay at the Ritz?


Guest list: You can go it alone with the two of you, an officiant and elopement photographer together as part of an immersive experience; or you can include a handful of your family or friends to meet you along the way for your vow reading


Reception: Just because you're getting married on the down-low doesn't mean that you have to do without a reception. Consider hiring a creative planner or florist to set up a wedding tablescape on the beach, or as a picnic on the trail or in your hideaway cabin it can be as elaborate or simple as you dream


Wedding Dress: Bohemian style wedding dress are the way to go - they are lighter in material, easier to pack, and meant for the outdoors. We love the bohemian vibe and have plenty of amazing dressmakers to refer you to, if needed!


His clothing: Let him wear whatever makes him comfortable; or dress him up to the degree that it fits his personality.

Floral: Use seasonal or distinct flowers of the region where you are. Don't want him to wear a boutonniere? He doesn't need to! Want to use your bouquet as your tablescape centerpiece - go for it!


Photographer: Choose a photographer that is on the same level as you are in your fitness abilities, or adventure styles; you will want one that is well-traveled and able to scout a location for you, if necessary; additionally, it's of the utmost importance that you like your photographer, so make sure they are as adventurous as you, as you will spend the most time with them. Photographers carry the key to the memories of the day! take a moment to get to know your photographer's personality to make sure they are a true fit


Hair & Makeup: Do you want it for your wedding day? Ask your officiant or adventure photographer if they are multi-talented, or find a local hairstylist near your destination. Use Google to research!


Timeline: Depending on your spontaneity or not, you may choose to have a timeline at your adventure elopement. Work on it with your photographer for the best lighting of the day, you choose sunrise over sunset, and when you do, it will fall into place.


About Destination Anywhere Photography


My photography business focuses on a specific niche - the things that I am most passionate about: being in love, traveling the world, and being awed by amazing landscapes!


As an international flight attendant AND an adventure elopement/destination wedding photographer -- and being married the love of my life -- I've managed to stitch together all of my passions. And, to boot, I've been to over 50 different countries, so I'm pretty very well suited to be your travel photographer!


Not only will I document your love story, but I'll help you plan every magical detail that you may not have thought of! I'll also help with travel planning, logistics of the day, and so much more...


I hope you will adventure with me somewhere epic in the world, with the person you love and share life with. I'll just warn you now that it will be an exciting adventure, and we may become really good friends in the interim. That's my first and final reason why I do what I do -- I LOVE my clients, they are the absolute best!


I can't wait to document the unique and intimate moments of your love and commitment to each other, somewhere epic on our amazing planet, somewhere that means so much to you! *Sherry