Planning Resources for your Elopement or Destination Wedding

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Modern eloping has taken on the meaning of

"doing it my way!"

Modern elopement is an intimate and intentional way to celebrate YOUR love story on YOUR chosen wedding day, without the opinions and desires of others and without societal pressures. It gives you the pure freedom to plan exactly how would like to celebrate the 1st page of the next chapter of your lives together.


There are no distractions when eloping, no need to perform in front of an audience, to say private vows in front of others, or to pay for a party that makes everyone else happy. The focus is on your relationship, your love story, and the promises you give each other, not the production meant to satisfy others.

Elopements have no rules or boundaries. There is freedom in celebrating your love for each other in you own unique way - to commit yourselves to each other.  How you elope depends on you - you can choose to elope with just the two of you, or with a small number of family and friends. Again, no rules here!

Your wedding day is the one day in your life that you wish time could stand still, but the time will go by so swiftly. You are cutting yourself short to have anything less than a full elopement day planned as the perfect day to the detail, intentionally planned, with you wrapped up in the presence of each other.

An elopement should be held in a location that is significant to your relationship, whether it's a place you've already been to and have fond memories, or a place that's on your bucketlist.


Elopements are rarely stuffy, but are all about creating an experience to be remembered and documented for the rest of your life to remember. So if you have always wanted to get married in a castle in Scotland, be a barefoot bride on a beach in the Caribbean, hike the back country of a National Park in the U.S. or get married halfway across the world with lions, elephants and giraffe as your only witnesses - you can! Or you could get married camping in the Grand Canyon, floating down the  Colorado River with a group of friends. Elopements are YOU doing YOU.


Get creative with your ideas until it feels right for you. It may be the only full day of your life that you can be focused on celebrating your love in a unique way, wrapped up in your own love story. When YOUR day comes, you will be more relaxed, stress-free and celebratory of the makings of YOUR perfect day. And I will document every moment that may have otherwise been forgotten.

No regrets.

The Simple Guide to Planning An Adventure Elopement

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Stepping overnight into planning any type of wedding is a bit scary, right? You've been thrown into becoming an event planner overnight, and trying to avoid family drama - things become a bit overwhelming. After initially being so giddy about the process, panic starts to set in, and then uncertainty. Every part of the process feels overwhelming, and set with deadlines. Unsolicited advice and opinions are coming from every direction and deep down, all you really want is to do it YOUR way. Some days you just want to give up on planning it and run to city hall just to get it over with. You can't be bothered with all the frivolous "stuff" you have to buy, the party you have to put on for everyone else, or just don't like being the center of attention...so here you are - looking for a way to "elope" that jives with your personality and love for the outdoors.

You may be looking to elope. And you don't even know it yet!  

How To Plan A Destination Wedding ... Li

Unlike with traditional weddings, booking your elopement photographer is usually the first step in the process. Your location, additional vendors, the items you pack, how you plan your travel logistics--a lot of it comes from the help of your elopement photographer. My advice and involvement doesn’t stop at photography.


Working with me isn’t just any client-vendor relationship. I'm about to become your new B.F.F. I’m here to help you make your ideas happen!


Whether eloping in the U.S. or planning a destination wedding, a novice or an expert at travel and adventure, I can help you craft a unique experience , down to the magical details, that you will always remember!


Planning an adventure elopement or having a destination wedding does not have to be overwhelming and super challenging. I am here to help you feel confident and empowered to make a choice to do so.


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