Having visited Edinburgh, Scotland a handful of times as a flight attendant, I was looking forward to doing an engagement photography shoot on my downtime while on a layover in Edinburgh. Vanessa, another travel photographer had recommended Rach and Pete to me to photography their engagement photo session only days before they got married.


With excitement and anticipation, I worked the flight over from Boston to Edinburgh and was ecstatic to meet them for the first time. We had decided to meet at 5pm at my hotel lobby, as I was looking to capture them in the late afternoon and evening light. I only had 24 hours layover, was on a 6 hour time change with absolutely no sleep!


As soon as we met, I knew I would love them! They were excited, adventurous, friendly, and up for anything! The icing on the cake - their wedding florist, Narcissus Flowers, included a beautiful adventure engagement bouquet for them!


As we expected, the Royal Mile was swamped with tourists, so we headed quickly past them to lose ourselves in the hills. As we passed another bride and groom, we waved our congratulations - and as we started up the first trail, yet another bride was racing to the top of a ledge to say her vows as it started to downpour.


I spent a total of 4 1/2 hours chasing Pete and Rach around the hills as they frolicked in the rain, the wet grass, the slippery steps, kissing, holding hands and laughing their heads off - they were such rock stars! We hiked two of the seven hills in Edinburgh, and saw in the distance the Castle on a third hill, a striking and dominant feature on the Edinburgh cityscape.


I want to share a “wee bit” of what they wrote me after our session. It warmed my heart and reminded me of why I do what I do! “Sherry…you really made it 'work' in the photos - the pictures look really atmospheric and 'Scottish'! :) The fact that YOU were in a good mood put US in a good mood which meant that the smiles and body language were all very natural…Thanks again! I count Tuesday as the OFFICIAL start to our Wedding Week! It's great that you made that happen! So much fun!” Pete and Rach


Could I ask for a better couple to work with? Congratulations to Rach and Pete as they commit themselves to each other TODAY - July 13, 2019! I am so happy for you - and your love for each other is so apparent and authentic!


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