for your inquiry!

What happens next?

Steps to planning your adventure elopement with me!


Once I receive your initial inquiry, I will respond with a detailed questonnaire for you to fill out.


Once I receive the questionnaire filled out in detail, we will set up a time to chat to make sure everything has been covered. Once that 1st phone call is complete, I will send you a price proposal within 48 hours, based on your unique needs. 


What will we discuss if I've already filled out the questionnaire?


This call we be more about the specifics, the logistics, the location or destination, planning a timeline, figure out travel needs, best locations, best lighting scenarios;  researching low/high tide, sunset and sunrise to make your experience dreamy! How do you "picture" your day?

We will brainstorm ideas on how to make your day unique and special, like no other couple.





As the days tick down, you may talk with me at any time if you have questions. I will provide vendor information to help you with travel plans, planning assistance, a checklist and many free resources to keep you on track as you plan. I will give you things to consider that you may have not thought about. You will take care of booking your flights, accommodations and ground transportation, choose local vendors (for your bouquet, hair and makeup, etc).


Finally - it's your day! By the time we get to this point, you will feel confident in the planning, and relaxed so that you can enjoy your day to it's fullest. We'll become friends based on the trust and connection we've made throughout this entire process!


After initial flights and settling into our destination, on the first day, we may, if you are interested, scout the location together. 


Within a few days (likely while you are still on your honeymoon!) you’ll receive a sneak peek of some epic photos to share with everyone you love — and when you receive your full gallery of images, you’ll be transported right back to that mountainside, coastline, forest or desert where you got married so you can re-experience the best day of your lives forever.

Remember, as an international flight attendant and adventure elopement photographer and with the experience I having planning my own destination wedding, I am here to offer my experiences and expertise to help guide you through the process to make it a bit less overwhelming.

My service is all about YOU, and ultimately, you will make every decision to help pull off your "dream day!"