what exactly is adventure eloping?


Times are changing. It's 2021, and the wedding industry has been telling us for years that we need to follow their rules in order to pull off the perfect wedding; to spend upwards of $35,000 (average) on a traditional wedding venue and reception with all the bells and whistles in order to feel like it’s the “best day of your life.” But couples are realizing that this type of wedding celebration does not define who they truly are.


So what's the alternative? Adventure Eloping.


Eloping, in general, is no longer looked upon as shameful, as a mistake, as secretive, or as a “marriage on the cheap.” In modern times, when couples elope, they get to pick and choose what wedding aspects to keep, which traditions to make their own, and how to express their own personalities on their wedding day.


So what is Adventure Elopement?

It's all about stepping outside the box!


Just as it sounds, a couple can find a way to celebrate their love of nature by “adventuring” to an epic location that has been on their bucket list, say their private vows, all while spending their day wrapped up intentionally in each other, in nature.

What does adventure eloping look like? Here’s an example:


You’ve been dying to travel together to Banff National Park to see the incredible Rocky Mountains and the crystal blue mineral lakes. You can picture saying your wedding vows in private to your partner somewhere in the backcountry, privately, away from the rest of the world. You’ve opted for a bohemian-style wedding dress paired with hiking boots, and a backpack complete with champagne, a wedding-style picnic, and your bouquet tied to the outside of the pack.


You hike in early to catch the sunrise, and take in nature in all her glory. As you venture further into the wilderness, you spot “the location” and you know it’s here that you want to read your vows. This is where you will start the next chapter of your lives together. It will be intimate, it will be powerful. You will say your vows in total privacy, pop the champagne, and toast to "doing things differently." Welcome to married life!

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Sarah__Sean_Banff_20190912_Elopement_ En
Sarah__Sean_Banff_20190912_Elopement_ En

Simply defined, an adventure elopement is a wedding day that is relaxed and stress free, void of unsolicited advice; a day that is primarily unscripted to share your vows and dreams privately; a day full of spontaneity, intimacy and intention. A day to plan being together intentionally. How you choose to experience it is up to you, but I suggest you make it an epic adventure!

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Here are just a few reasons why an adventure elopement may be a great option for you:


- you have a love for travel and a passion for the outdoors

- you prefer to collect experiences over material things

- you aren't afraid to get a little dirt on your wedding dress

-it excites you to step out of your box and do something "different" and "unique"

- you don't mind breaking wedding traditions to reinvent your own!

you are non-conventional, a nonconformist, a free spirit, and a free thinker

-you are always seeking new adventure

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Sarah__Sean_Banff_20190912_Elopement_ En
Sarah__Sean_Banff_20190912_Elopement_ En

About Destination Anywhere Photography


My photography business focuses on a specific niche - the things that I am most passionate about: being in love, traveling the world, and being awed by amazing landscapes!


As an international flight attendant AND an adventure elopement/destination wedding photographer -- and being married the love of my life -- I've managed to stitch together all of my passions. And, to boot, I've been to over 50 different countries, so I'm pretty very well suited to be your travel photographer!


Not only will I document your love story, but I'll help you plan every magical detail that you may not have thought of! I'll also help with travel planning, logistics of the day, and so much more...


I hope you will adventure with me somewhere epic in the world, with the person you love and share life with. I'll just warn you now that it will be an exciting adventure, and we may become really good friends in the interim. That's my first and final reason why I do what I do -- I LOVE my clients, they are the absolute best!


I can't wait to document the unique and intimate moments of your love and commitment to each other, somewhere epic on our amazing planet, somewhere that means so much to you! *Sherry