This winter, after having taken almost 6 years to enjoy my own wedded bliss, I started to get a wicked itch to be creative again. I thought about doing mixed media arts, and started dabbling; but it only made sense to do what I love again - photography. I had the equipment, I had the talent, but how could I do it differently this time? 

My main career has been as a flight attendant since 1999, but I’ve been a photographer since 2003. I attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura, CA back in the day.

To get back in the game, I decided to go to a workshop that I thought would be adventurous, would take me out of my comfort zone and challenge me, bringing me back up to speed, and surrounding me with other photographers and creatives to immerse myself back into the industry. I wanted to see if my photography style all came back to me naturally… and if I could keep up with the “influencer” and trending photographers.

That workshop was put on by a trendy company called Dirty Boots and Messy Hair...It was DBMH’s first ever workshop for photographers, and it was held in Yosemite National Park in California. Needless to say, I was surrounded by other brilliant photographers, and it was an amazing to learn how much the industry had progressed and changed in 6 short years.

I chose this workshop because I'd decided to specialize in “love” photography. Couples - engagements, elopements, weddings and vow renewals. The difference from what I'd already been doing in years past? Adventure. There is some form of adventure and travel involved, my other passions in life

Can't you imagine yourself wrapped up in a beautiful dress (Rue de Seine), celebrating the first chapter of your lives together in such a romantic setting?

Adventure Elopement & Destination Wedding Photographer


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