There is nothing quite like photographing an elopement or engagement in Yosemite National Park. Surrounded by so many stunning natural phenomenons - Half Dome, El Capitan, Bridalveil falls, Glacier Point - the meadows, the fog cover, the sequoia and pine trees, I am totally in my element. Nature. It’s so peaceful and tranquil, so quiet as I photograph a couple, often from a distance, while they wrap themselves up in each other on their wedding or engagement day.


Jacob and Caroline were one of the most adorable couple I've ever laid eyes on! They had a connection, a passion, a spark unlike any other couple I’ve photographed. I was so drawn to how they interacted with each other.


Everyone is curious about “adventure elopements” and the first thing they want to know is - how much hiking is involved? It’s really up to you, and your level of adventure. For this shoot, we didn’t have to hike a mile or more, or even go far into the park at all to photograph them. We literally parked the car, walked into Yosemite Valley, and counted ourselves lucky that there weren’t many tourists around where we wanted to photograph them. 


I suggest you don’t take any less than 4 hours to celebrate your special day — your engagement or elopement in nature is worth so much more than an hour! 


If an adventure speaks to you, what would it take for you to throw out wedding tradition to elope somewhere epic with Mother Nature as your backdrop? Let’s talk, and I’ll tell you more about what to expect if you hire Destination Anywhere Photography. It may really change your life, and I guarantee you won’t regret one second of it!


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